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Our History

Founded in 2009 by Zerani Scears, AZScears Management Limited grew out of her considerable experience and success working within the construction industry and her continued frustration with what she saw as a “boxed system”, where every element of a construction project was housed in its own separate capsule, never interfacing seamlessly with the other parts of the works.

For her, this was one of the biggest problems the industry faced and to some extent, continues to face today. 

The company has been built with three key divisions and each has its own individual merits as a functioning, stand-alone unit. The power of the services AZS Management can provide however, comes from the combination of them working together. 

Planners create programmes of all the work needed on large or small construction projects and direct activities – as a planner, you’ll oversee logistics, deploy workers, manage budgets and ensure that work is on scheduled.

As a Bid manager it is essential that the process of winning and understanding a job is managed correctly, least of all in the creation of a winning bid but also to provide the client with comfort and certainty that they are in safe hands key (as always) that they are within the budget.

Many people get lost in the amount of information that flows between the two functions and it is Zerani’s belief that apart from the project manager, these roles contain most of the vital  components for a project to succeed. 

Within ‘Bid Management’, the role of the bid writer is key because the process can be time-consuming with the various departmental contributors involved and effective collation of the data. With the consistent flow of this raw information, understanding and identifying patterns and trends in the data is key.

Graphical representation enables the quick analysis of large amounts of data at one time and can aid in making predictions and informed decisions. Thus it becomes a crucial component in successful Big management process.

Identifying the points above, seeing the causes and the same mistakes repeatedly being made and knowing that she could better the processes using her unique way of thinking and process driven methods, Zerani started AZ Scears Management Limited and began the journey that has led the company to where it is today.

Driven by our strong
company values


We are proud of the work we do and we take the quality of our finished products seriously, ensuring that they meet the highest industry standards


We work hard to ensure that our team consistently behave with the honestly, accuracy and truthfulness of action, within the company and for our clients


Our team work to accepted practice within their activity and adhere to a set of standards, code of conduct and behaviour expected in our industry

Health & Safety

We take our responsibility to the well being, welfare, health and safety of our employees and others seriously and encourage our clients to do the same

Green Building

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Customer Focus

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Our Principle Company Policy Statements

Below you will find our latest policy statements across a broad range of subjects. These policies are reviewed regularly and copies can be requested via the listed phone number on our website or by emailing us.

an Integrated Team of Experts dedicated to
exceeding our client's expectations

Our goal is to integrate into your workflow so that are part of your wider team. This allows us to comment, respond, advise and react to all situations and to deliver a service that is efficient and more responsive than working as external consultants.   

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